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EMS is the leading provider of event medical services in NSW.


EMS Event Medical is the leading provider of event medical services in NSW - we operate behind the scenes at all the major events held in NSW. We are a family business with a dedicated team of event professionals.

EMS provide critical care teams that work along-side members from NSW Health, the NSW Medical Retrieval Teams and NSW Ambulance for those in need at events large and small throughout NSW.

Our Critical Care Team (C.A.R.E) recently completed a Retrieval Education Training Day at the Gosford Health Simulation Centre, our EMS Ambulance was used for the event as it is equipped with specialist equipment.

EMS are the only private company in NSW to have completed this training course.

We are Event Medical Specialists ​

The EMS team brings the expertise and all of the event medical and advanced medical equipment needed to manage all foreseeable medical events, including medical risks associated with the general public such as asthma, allergies, drug and alcohol consumption, weather effects, cardiac conditions and any event-specific risks, such as trauma. 

EMS use and recommend A+med.

Our teams are at the frontline during the current Covid19 Pandemic, conducting screening and medical services across the state, including the ANZAC Memorial Service, NSW Greyhounds, Remembrance Day Martin Place, Van Gogh Alive, Corporate Events, MotoX, BlueScope Steel. RedBull Australia and Endemol Shine Australia.

We have treated over 2,010,000 patients since 2012, reducing the impact on the local emergency departments and the state ambulance service during events in NSW, and often go without recognition for the work done.

Our event medical services set-up often resembles that of a field hospital, and NSW Health and other agencies have acknowledged and recognised this.

Our services include supplying Doctors, Paramedics and Nurses (Our Paramedics and Nurses Hold Tertiary Qualifications and are registered Health Professionals) to events throughout NSW.

We also provide CPR and First Aid training for local businesses including numerous childcare centres, Mt Annan Pharmacy, and the Macarthur Young Men’s Group.

EMS Event Medical was born out of a need for medical providers who understood customer service and could operate near or far from traditional resources.

We saw an opportunity for event managers, producers and individuals to be able to hire medically competent professionals who could mitigate risk, and should the need arise, provide advanced medical care until the state ambulance service arrives.

We provide a medical safety net for events or adventures while maintaining the tone you want at the site or venue.

From a private corporate event, a 10,000-participant run, to a festival of 60,000 people, we can design and staff the medical system to fit your budget and needs.

When only the best care will do.

We offer on-site emergency medical services with a difference. 


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