Gardian EMS

Control Software Features

Used by Event Medical & Organisers

The Gardian EMS Event Medical Control Software is at the heart of Gardian EMS.


This state-of-the art software is underpinned by Artificial Intelligence and is the engine behind Gardian EMS' intelligent approach. 


  • Safeguard. Records and stores medications being brought on to the site. management, storage and retrieval of patron medication system.

  • Tracking. Tracks ambulance requests, tracks patrons in the medical facility, shows available beds and workload in the medical facility

  • Open APIs. All partners can be seamlessly connected to our platform and allow for interconnectivity.  Our open API’s eliminates the time and cost of full integration.

  • Intelligent Push Notifications.  This feature sends out real-time alerts to the patrons. Can be used for advertising and promotions. This can also act as a broadcast alert in case of severe weather as well as reminders to hydrate.

  • Reporting. The Control System produces a number of reports, including automatic reporting sent hourly, as well as Police reports, Ambulance reports and a final event report, 2 hours following the event.

  • Real-Time Dashboard. This real-time dashboard is available for external authorised parties such as police, medics and event management. This gives an overview of the events from a medical perspective and is accessible via a web browser, constantly updating in real time.

  • Artificial Intelligence. AI in our solution provides a simulation of human intelligence – software that is programmed to think like humans and includes learning and problem-solving. With continued use, the Artificial Intelligence within Gardian Assist will detect health decline before it occurs.

  • Geo-Location Event Map. This allows the medics and operators to accurately pinpoint patrons that are in need of assistance, and dispatch with a high level of precision.  Also indicates the medical teams location in real-time and shows trends in incident locations. Tracks patrons within the geozone.

  • Scanless Entry. This feature makes entering the venue extremely efficient, and removes the need for traditional paper scanning. The supervisors and event organizers can watch via tablet as each patron enters the geofence. 

  • ePCR. Electronic Patient Care Records provide a consistent and targeted method of capturing, tracking and analysing health records.  Our solution automates the entry of data, treatments, and even narratives so that full traceability is provided.

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