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Cycling Events

Cycling events have their own set of challenges for which expert medical cover is needed.  


Alongside the exertional collapse conditions associated with high intensity sports, cycle events also have the added risk of high-speed collisions including 'pile ups'.


EMS have a great deal of experience providing cover for road cycling events.  


From command and control, response, advanced treatment & transport.


EMS strive to ensure we use the latest evidenced based practice including Hypotonic Saline, Digital Core Temperature Management and ETCo2 monitoring. 


EMS have supplied medical support for LeTape Australia since 2014 also the Cadel Evans Cycle Classic, The Bobbin Head Classic, The American Express Cycle Classic.

Mountain Bikes & BMX

High-level athletes should have access to specific medical services..


The aims of EMS is to keep riders healthy and reduce risks in competition and training. To enable riders to compete in the best and safest conditions possible, teams must implement a medical program that monitors health and tests aptitude to compete.


As part of the EMS program, particular attention is paid to cardiological assessment: the aim is to reduce as far as possible the risk of sudden cardiac death during sporting activity.

Still with the aim of ensuring athletes’ health, the medical rules require organisers to oversee the implementation and monitoring of a medical services program for road cyclists, as well as BMX, mountain bike and track riders.


For these riders, the medical services program comprises of teams of EMS medical professionals who have experience with trauma and cycling incidents.

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