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Advanced App Features

  • Food and Beverage Order, Pick Up or Delivery.  The patrons use this feature to order food and beverages from onsite food and beverage vendors. Delivery option is available for seated events. 

  • Merchandise Order, Pick Up or Delivery. The patrons use this feature to order event merchandise from onsite or ecomm vendors. Delivery option is available for seated events. 

  • Real Time Lost and Found. This feature enables alerts, images and information to be disseminated in real time to all patrons within an event zone to enable a more co-ordinated approach to the management of the lost and found function.

  • Interactive Augmented Reality (AR).  Augmented reality can be built in to the event app and provide your patrons with an immersive and interactive experience. Speak to us about your individual requirements.

  • Interactive Games (Gamification & Loyalty). This feature acts as a way to incentivize patrons to make the most of their event stay. With a loyalty scheme, individuals can get rewards such as discounts, prizes and drink cards. These can all be personalised to the organisers requirements.

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Customisable Mobile Event App

Used by the Patrons

A customisable and branded Event App is included in the solution. The App is used by patrons during the event, and is the interface between the Smart Wristband and Medic Software.

The features listed below are included as Standard Features.

The App is available for iOS and Android


  • Custom Design and Branding.  You are able to custom design and brand the App your way. With a built in CMS system, structures may be re-populated, and applications can be rebranded at any time. This is a vital component, allowing custom design to any and all brands that purchase or license the system.

  • COVID Sign In. Automatic registration of the patron upon entry to the event zone without the need for paper based or QR code sign-in. Track and Trace function triggered upon entry, and active monitoring and patron alerts are issued, to monitor and manage social distancing practices.

  • Artists Profiles and Playlists. Artist information including bio's, images, video, and playlists. Favourite artists can be selected and placed into personal itinerary or shared with friends.

  • Interactive Site Map.  Allows patrons to accurately pinpoint site information and provide live tracking and directions to different locations in the event zone.

  • Points of Interest. The patrons are able to easily locate their nearest amenities, food trucks and other services. This also works outside of the geofence, providing information on surrounding vendors, sponsor locations etc.

  • Social Integration. The ability to use various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, to connect and communicate with friends.

  • Find-a-Friend and Chat. The patrons use this feature to connect with friends inside the established geofence. This includes getting directions, setting pinned meeting zones and chatting directly via the application.

  • Emergency Medical.  Finds patrons needing assistance with the touch of a buttonIndicates patrons position on a map and shows the medic approachingHealth Vitals Tracking used to determine immediate and future potential health risks and dispatch medics to the exact location of the patron. 

  • Auto Switch to 000. This feature monitors the patron in the geozone and when the patron exits the location, the app automatically switches to dial 000 from the request for assistance button.

  • Dynamic Schedule and Personal Itinerary. This feature gives the patrons an all-encompassing view of the event including artists, stage and set times, updates and event information. Each patron can build their daily itinerary based on their favourite acts and share with their friends.

  • Real Time Notifications.  This feature allows the event organiser to issue notifications / alerts. Major issues override screen selection to make sure patrons see important alerts. Continuous messaging via a ticker is available and can present information around harm minimisation or messaging on "what's on now" can be incorporated.

  • Digital Wallet. The digital wallet can store the patron’s tickets, cards, spending and loyalty points.   If a third-party provider of payment systems or gateways uses our open APIs, then they too can provide functionality within the digital wallet.

  • Safeguard. Manage and monitor patron pre-registered medications.

App Screens
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