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Event Medical Management

At EMS we can provide you with the complete package of medical cover, right through from the planning stage to post-event reporting.


We can supply all your medical requirements,

  • a single medic

  • full field hospital

  • ambulance

  • pharmacy and logistic support.

We are also happy to offer stand-alone services as follows:

  • Risk assessment and advice on medical requirements

  • Advice on best practice and staff qualifications

  • Attendance at licensing hearings

  • Liaison with statutory health services

  • Production of medical support plan

  • Medical major incident planning

  • Provision of event day cover

  • Post event reporting

  • Audit of current medical provision

 EMS Medical Solutions

  • A+med

  • User Experience

  • Experts & Analytics

Your objective is simple; to run an event which is enjoyed by all who attend it, and which is remembered for all the right reasons.


At the back of your mind though you know that there is the ever-present risk of accident or sudden illness, which can affect either your staff or visitors. 

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