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Event Medicine

Our Event Medicine Division can provide pre-event planning, on-site services and post-event review for a variety of functions including:

  • Mass-Gatherings

  • High Risk Music Festivals

  • Concerts and Musical Events

  • Small and Large-Scale Events

  • Fetes and Parades

  • Amateur and Professional Sports

  • Individual and Team Sports

  • Endurance Sports

  • Motorsports and Racing

  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports

  • Meetings, Conferences, and Conventions

  • Corporate, Award and Recognition Events

  • Dignitary, Executive, and VIP Events

  • Non-Profit, Charitable Events, and Fundraisers

  • Celebrations, Dinners, and Parties

  • Radio, Television, Film, and Set Productions

  • Temporary and Permanent Venues

  • Public and Private Events

EMS Event Medical

Our event services and coverage are tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

Registered Healthcare Providers
Our teams of healthcare professionals include:

  • Paramedics

  • Nurses

  • Doctors – FACEM, Emergency, Sports & General



  • Event Medics  (diploma of paramedicine graduates non regsitered)

  • Sports Medics

  • Enrolled Nurses

Levels of Care

  • Basic Life Support

  • Advanced Life Support

  • Critical Care Teams

Music Concert
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