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A world class emergency medical solution


When urgent medical assistance is required, it is imperative to get to the person quickly, as time can be the critical factor in saving a life.


GARDIAN EMS is a state-of-the-art proactive and preventive medical assistance solution that can detect if medical intervention is required, often before the person is even aware of it themselves.

Incorporating mobile apps, AI based medical intervention software, smart wristbands, paramedic workflow management, and treatment tools. Let Gardian EMS tap you on the shoulder when it's time to get some help.

Saving lives with GARDIAN EMS

Did you know that approximately 10% of patrons who attend an event will requires some sort of medical intervention, and 2.25% will need emergency medical care in the event medical facility by a critical care team.

"As an event organiser, I am faced with the fact that a patron could die.  With thousands of people attending the event, we could be dealing with anything from an asthma attack to a drug overdose." 

Event App

GARDIAN EMS includes a customisable Mobile Event App with your branding.  Available for iOS and Android


GARDIAN EMS includes a Smart Wristband for patron management.  Available in multiple colours.

Event Medical
Mobile App

GARDIAN EMS includes a Mobile App for the Medic Team to locate patrons, manage diagnosis and workflows.

Event Medical
Control Software

GARDIAN EMS includes Control Software for the onsite Medics and Organisers. Built with AI for predictive medic management.

Accessed via a customised Event App, & Smart Wristbands, GARDIAN EMS provides a seamless way to provide medical services to your patrons when they need it most.

A new revolutionary pairing

EMS Event Medical & Gardian Solutions



Gardian EMS can provide you with your complete onsite medical solution. It can also assist with implementing your COVID safe plan, and in meeting licensing requirements.

Gardian EMS continuously tracks, monitors and reviews the health of all users and offers a 360 degree approach to patron care.

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