A world class emergency medical solution

When urgent medical assistance is required, it is imperative to get to the person quickly, as time can be the critical factor in saving a life.


GARDIAN EMS is a state-of-the-art proactive and preventive medical assistance solution that can detect if medical intervention is required, often before the person is even aware of it themselves.  It continuously tracks, monitors and reviews the health of the user and automatically dispatches medics based on assessment of health vitals, without the need of intervention.

The solution incorporates mobile apps, AI based medical intervention software, smart wristbands, paramedic workflow management, and treatment tools.


Let Gardian tap you on the shoulder when it's time to get some help.

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Saving lives with GARDIAN EMS

Providing help when it's needed most

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AI Software, Apps & Wearables

Chat, Video & Voice Call

Reminders & Active Alerts





SOS Call for Assistance

Automatic Medic Dispatch

Health Vitals


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Getting you back on your feet
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