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COVID-19 Protection Package

Get Peace of Mind with Gardian Protect & EMS 

We can help you deliver your COVID-19 safe plan.  Gardian Protect can offer peace of mind to your patrons, staff and crew, prepare your site environment, and support you in your event license application. 

What does Gardian Protect do?

The Gardian Protect Package has been designed to provide you and your patrons with total piece of mind.  The package includes:

  • Active monitoring of individuals in your event zone.

  • Active alerts to individuals in your event zone.

  • Automatic contact tracing of individuals in your event zone.

  • Protection from virus transmission off your surfaces (eg. bars, tables, counters, handles, seats and other surfaces).

What does Gardian Protect include?

The Gardian Protect Package includes Gardian EMS Assist App, Smart Wristbands and Gardian Shield Products.

This solution can provide you with your very own computer assisted monitoring, management, notifications and contact tracing solution with Gardian EMS.


The package also includes Gardian Shield Products that protect your patrons from picking up viruses from your bars, toilets, railings, fences, seats, air-conditioning system and other surfaces.  

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