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Event Medical Mobile Medic App

Used by Event Medical Team

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The Gardian EMS solution includes a Mobile App for use by the Event Medical team.


The App identifies assists with workflow management and treatment and used in conjunction with Gardian EMS Control Software.


  • Notifies the medic of a need for assistance & immediately dispatches closest team 

  • Sends basic First Aid data to the person requesting assistance prior to the medical team arrival

  • Shows the medic the patrons details (current and past medic HX)  

  • Shows the medic the exact location of the patron needing assistance with directions

  • Notifies the medic of a person with abnormal vital signs and shows on a map where they are

  • Medics record patient contact records directly on their phone or tablet

  • Workflow management and recording of ePCR via text, image and voice controls

  • Medical data uploaded to control  backend in real time

  • Allows medic to call for back up to the exact location

  • Allows medic to call for additional resources to the exact location

  • Allows medic to have a video conference call with other EMS members (tele Health)

  • Prints or send reports direct from App

  • Logs Safeguard – notifies the medic that there are meds in storage – and notifies logistics (runner) to take the meds to that call (location) in case they are needed

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