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  • Is First Aid Enough?

    The first question that needs to be addressed is whether basic First Aid, such as that provided by volunteer and charity organisations is enough for major events and venues around Australia. First Aid only encompasses Basic Life Support (or BLS), including very basic CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and the treatment of minor aches, pains, scratches, bruises and bleeding. First aiders have a basic understanding of common medical emergencies and can only offer “first aid” which may be adequate under limited circumstances, but not for many Events. When an Event Organiser is planning an event and there are higher elements of risk, dictated by the event activities, a high level of Pre-Hospital Emergency Care is required, for example, an Onsite Medical Service, including CARE teams where indicated. State Ambulances respond to public calls as a priority. Even in urban events/venues, State Ambulance services may be over 20 minutes away (especially given the traffic congestion accompanying such events) and so it is now appropriate to supply an onsite medical Service to respond and treat immediately while the Ambulance is on its way. The EMS Service can respond within the event grounds utilising EMS Ambulances, other means of transport or on foot if the going is rough. They will be fully equipped and trained to treat the patient immediately to Advanced Life Support (ALS) standard. Charitable organisations sometimes broadly generalise that “some of” their members are doctors, nurses or even paramedics” in their day to day jobs, but event and venue organisers are acutely conscious that there is never any guarantee that this standard of first aider will turn up on the day. Regardless of the qualification of the responder, without emergency medications and advanced equipment, these responders are simply first aiders. In many cases witnessed by event organisers, one “senior” volunteer will supervise a large group of “cadets” or juniors. The usual feeling amongst venue/event managers is that the standard of care is actually quite low and seldom what was promised or envisaged. Volunteer first aiders often boast of equipment such as defibrillators and oxygen systems (in many cases provided as a donation to their organisation by the public or government), but if their volunteers are not sufficiently trained or experienced in its use this equipment may be ineffective or even detrimental in their hands.

  • Zooming in on Gardian EMS

    Gardian EMS is an interconnected service that provides the very first all-encompassing solution that will assist in saving lives. The traditional methods of increasing security and policing, and implementing heavy-handed tactics to manage drug related illnesses, will be a thing of the past. Patrons being escorted or carried to the medical teams when its’ too late, will also be a thing of the past. Our solution continuously tracks, monitors, and reviews the health of all users within the event zone. It offers a 360-degree approach to patron care. If medical attention is required, the system automatically dispatches the nearest medic to the patron in real-time. Critically, it will reduce the time it takes for a medic to get to and treat the patron. It will provide the medic with an accurate location of all patrons at any point in time and will guide them to the exact location of the user. The Gardian EMS solution is state of the art medical intervention software built with Artificial Intelligence to improve medical intervention and patron care. The solution is coupled with wearable smart devices (wristbands) for patrons, and mobile applications for patrons, medics, and event crews. Most importantly, we have made the solution simple to use. With features that include COVID-19 contact tracing, social distance monitoring and reporting, coupled with health vitals tracking, predictive medic dispatch, scan-less entry and geo-location functionality, this application is the first of its kind in the world and will revolutionise the way patrons are cared for at events. The built in AI functionality will continuously learn and identify conditions and parameters that improve future medical interventions, build on safer experiences for the organisers, venues and the patrons, and create an overall real time risk profile of any event, large or small. Gardian EMS is the solution that protects and future-proofs business owners and patrons operating in these spaces. With our 360-degree approach, we have developed a truly innovative solution that can better care for people as well as help the industry get back on its feet. The product suite consisting of Gardian EMS Assist, Gardian EMS Control, Gardian EMS Medic and Gardian EMS Vital Assist has been tailored to meet the demands of out-of-hospital care management for events, ensuring closer patron monitoring and excellence in event medical management.

  • Reducing Drug Related Harm at Music Festivals with Gardian EMS

    According to research[1] 98.4% of music festival attendees reported they had used illicit drugs in the last 12 months at a music festival. Whilst organisers promote a ‘zero tolerance policy’, to which they implement harm reduction[2]strategies such as, free water, shade, chillout zones, crowd ‘save a mate’ peers and provide drug related information. However, despite all these measures, attendees continue to use illicit drugs. Strategies that promote zero tolerance on drug use, such as significant police presence, sniffer dogs, and random drug searches have consistently proven to be ineffective at stopping festival goers from consuming illicit drugs. In fact, the 2019 NSW Coronial Inquest into Deaths at Festivals, found that these measures led to double-dosing, bodily concealment, and hasty ingestion. Since we cannot stop festival revellers from consuming illicit substances, we must provide a better way to care for these individuals when they become ill. While the Coronial Inquest made several recommendations, including the highly debated strategy of pill testing, they have yet to be implemented on a broad scale. Following the Coronial Inquest, the NSW Ministry of Health developed a list of “high risk” festivals and placed many of the States most enjoyed and well-attended festivals on this list. The additional burdens placed on organisers became too costly to implement and affected their ability to obtain the required insurances, and the now mandatory Festival Licencing, forcing some to cancel their events, sparking the “Don’t Kill Live Music” rally in Sydney. After reeling from the impacts of the Coronial Inquest, COVID-19 came along. It has crippled the live performance industry. Many arts workers, artists, organisers, and industry-related organisations were all left without work. Many of these are small businesses or sole traders. According to the Live Entertainment Industry Forum, the economic output lost is in the order of $23.6b. The introduction of the Gardian EMS solution will become the benchmark standard for the provision of onsite medical care. This innovative solution will assist in reducing drug related harm and limit drug related deaths. [1]Australian Music Festival Attendees: A national overview of demographics, drug use patterns, policing experiences and help seeking behaviour, DPMP Bulletin No 28 [2] The principles of harm reduction accept that no matter the rigour of messaging around the individual risks and dangers of substance use, there will always be people who take or experiment with substances. As such, it is important to ensure that individual harms associated with substance use are minimised wherever possible.

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  • HOME | EMS Event Medical | Australia Wide

    24/7 Reception 02 80880734 Request a Call Back The leading provider of event medical services since 1990 . EMS Event Medical It's time to experience more. SPECIALIST EVENT MEDICAL TEAMS | GARDIAN EMS | AUSTRALIA WIDE COVERAGE Events ONLY Bookings RAPID ANTIGEN TESTING ENQUIRY / QUOTATION What We Do >> EMS Health Monitoring Unit EMS can offer onsite Rapid Antigen Testing with results in 15 minutes - for all events, film shoots & corporate events If you feel unwell please see your doctor immediately PLEASE USE THE LINK BELOW FOR TESTING ENQUIRY RAPID ANTIGEN TESTING ENQUIRY / QUOTATION If you don't have a health professional onsite, then ask us how we can assist you in having an AHPRA registered clinician working with your worksite to allow Rapid Antigen Testing PLEASE NOTE OUR CURRENT TESTING SERVICES ARE CURRENTLY BOOKED MONTHS IN ADVANCE WE UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR TESTING REQUIREMENTS WE WILL ENDEAVOUR TO GET TO YOUR ENQUIRY AS SOON AS WE POSSIBLY CAN USUALLY WITH 24-48 HOURS WE TOO ARE BEING AFFECTED BY COVID WITH STAFF SHORTAGES AND THE CURRENT AVAILABILITY OF RAT'S AND PCR'S IN MOST CASES WE REQUIRE AT LEAST 21 DAYS NOTICE FOR A BOOKING WE WILL ATTEMPT TO ACCOMODATE SHORT NOTICE BOOKING BUT CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR REQUEST Leading the field in event medicine for over 30 years ​ ​ Representing decades of clinical, field, and logistical experience, our team can provide you with the best event medical services. Operating with a full scope of practice and a TGA Authority to administer medications EMS can cater for all your event needs. ​ Our teams are made up of Australia's leading Paramedics, Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians, Logistics teams, Medical Support teams and Doctors. Our Specialist Event Medical Teams use State-of-the-Art Equipment and are trained to use Gardian EMS , a world first proactive and preventive medical assistance solution, provided in conjunction with our sister company Gardian EMS . Specialising in corporate events, sports events, film and TV, concerts, festivals and special occasions, EMS can supply Mobile Medical Centres and Private Ambulances. No event is too big or small. We can offer our services across Australia. ​ Make Booking >> View Portfolio >> Rapid Antigen Testing. Results in 15 minutes. RAPID ANTIGEN TESTING Make Booking >> Specialist event medical for your next event. EVENT MEDICAL SERVICES Make Booking >> Get state of the art medical control at your next event. ​ GARDIAN EMS Learn More >> EMS EVENT MEDICAL - MASS GATHERING EVENT MEDICAL SPECIALISTS ​ Mass gathering medicine, also known as event medicine, crowd medicine or mass gathering health, is a field of medicine that explores the health effects/risks of mass gatherings and the strategies that contribute positively to effective health services delivery during these events. ​ The reason for the development of the field of medicine gives the fact that mass gatherings generate a higher incidence of injury and illness, may be the subject to excessive use of drugs and alcohol, a catastrophic accident or attack with large numbers of injured or dead persons. ​ Mass Gathering Medicine is viewed as a niche field of prehospital care in emergency medicine across the world. ​ Among factors influencing on the demand for the health care at mass gatherings are: the weather, duration of the event, if the crowd moves, containment of the event (fenced/contained or not), availability of alcohol/drugs, the density of the crowd et al., possibility for spreading of communicable diseases Key purposes of Mass Gathering Medical Services at an event are: rapid access to the injured or ill patients, effective stabilising and transporting injured or ill patients, on-site care for minor injuries and illnesses ​ ​ Mass gathering medicine support requires extensive planning in advance. ​ As the acknowledgement of growth in the area of Mass Gathering Medicine in Australia, there is a need for consistency in the research and evaluation of mass gathering events. This is important because mass gatherings may impact on local health services and having a collective understanding of the impact of mass gatherings on local health services may mitigate any poor outcomes for patients. EMS Event Medical Our services include supplying Emergency Doctors, Specialist Paramedics and Nurses - (Our Paramedics and Nurses Hold Tertiary Qualifications and are registered Health Professionals). ​ Our event medical services set-up for festivals and concerts often resembles that of a field hospital. ​Our teams are at the frontline during the current Covid19 Pandemic, conducting screening and medical services across the state. Learn More >> Gardian EMS GARDIAN EMS is a state-of-the-art proactive and preventive medical assistance solution that can detect if medical intervention is required, often before the person is even aware of it themselves. ​ Incorporating mobile apps, AI based medical intervention software, smart wristbands, paramedic workflow management, and treatment tools. Let Gardian tap you on the shoulder when it's time to get some help. Learn More >> Rapid Screening and Health Monitoring Supervisors Get your business back on its feet with our onsite rapid screening providing results within 20 minutes. Our supervisors can help with managing your Event Health safe plans. ​ Our EMS Health Monitoring Services include temperature screening with Infra Red Guns, Tympanic or Thermal Imaging Cameras. Rapid Antigen testing, Saliva Testing available soon Learn More >> Education Services EMS Event Medical offers on the job training for clinical placements or clinical hours for Students. RTO #40833 Learn More >> Film & Television Medical Support On-set stunt work, lighting, and rigging are usually accompanied by on-site medical services. When casting for this role, EMS is ready for its closeup. We provide medical care and technical consulting in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Learn More >> EMS Aquatic Rescue Services The EMS Aquatic Rescue Team is trained to peak-performance levels for water rescue. This technical team is best known for its ability to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies on rivers, lakes and canals, while promoting safe practices and enjoyment of the city's waterways. ​ Time is critical. Water can quickly drain the energy from a swimmer or overturned boater. Muscles contract, lungs gasp from the shock, and hypothermia causes a victim to lose the ability to focus and stay calm. Continued immersion leads to overwhelming weakness and eventual drowning. ​ This specialist team provide medical care at events including power boat racing, swimming events and water skiing, as well as any event that may be water related - Our services have includes Vanuatu International Open Water Swim, Survivor, Redbull Cape Fear live Stream, RedBull Fluggtag, Australian Ninja Warrior contestant heats, Wollongong Surf Life Saving, RedBull Cliff Diving, Redbull Foam Wreckers, Vivid Sydney Festival, NSW Surf Life Saving Events, Sail GP. ​ EMS are the current preferred supplier for RedBull Australia ​ Available for Film & TV, Water Sports, Water Rescue events Training for Aquatic rescue courses available through Wollongong First Aid or EMS Education & Training. ​ ​ ​ Learn More >> Who We Work With 1/2 MAKE BOOKING >> If one of our valued attendees were the subject of a medical misadventure, we cannot afford to wait 20-40 minutes for an ambulance, nor can we afford to have them treated by unqualified people. ​ Russell Herd UBT AUSTRALIA

  • Cycling Events | EMS Event Medical

    Event Booking Enquiry << BACK Cycling Events Cycling events have their own set of challenges for which expert medical cover is needed. Alongside the exertional collapse conditions associated with high intensity sports, cycle events also have the added risk of high-speed collisions including 'pile ups'. EMS have a great deal of experience providing cover for road cycling events. From command and control, response, advanced treatment & transport. EMS strive to ensure we use the latest evidenced based practice including Hypotonic Saline, Digital Core Temperature Management and ETCo2 monitoring. EMS have supplied medical support for LeTape Australia since 2014 also the Cadel Evans Cycle Classic, The Bobbin Head Classic, The American Express Cycle Classic. ​ ​ Mountain Bikes & BMX High-level athletes should have access to specific medical services.. The aims of EMS is to keep riders healthy and reduce risks in competition and training. To enable riders to compete in the best and safest conditions possible, teams must implement a medical program that monitors health and tests aptitude to compete. As part of the EMS program, particular attention is paid to cardiological assessment: the aim is to reduce as far as possible the risk of sudden cardiac death during sporting activity. ​ Still with the aim of ensuring athletes’ health, the medical rules require organisers to oversee the implementation and monitoring of a medical services program for road cyclists, as well as BMX, mountain bike and track riders. For these riders, the medical services program comprises of teams of EMS medical professionals who have experience with trauma and cycling incidents.

  • Field Hospital / Treatment Posts | EMS Event Medical

    Event Booking Enquiry << BACK Field Hospital / Treatment Posts A fully operational mobile casualty treatment unit - our unique Mass Gathering Medical Casualty Centre (MGMCC) allows us to maintain exceptionally high clinical standards at any event. The unit is purpose built for us and is clearly marked on all sides - allowing it to be easily identified across large events. Our MMC is fully equipped to provide full resuscitation facilities. Smaller 3m x 4.5 and 9m x 6m 'pop up' structures can be provided as additional medical points or stand alone at smaller events. ​ For large events we would recommend you set up a complete field hospital in marquees or other temporary structures.

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