Used by Event Patrons and Event Crews


  • Fully featured smart wearable device – at a price that can allow for inclusion in ticket booking fees, in a leasing model or via outright purchase

  • High accuracy temperature sensor

  • Heart rate monitor, providing pulse rate, blood pressure and pulse oxygen level

  • G-sensor and 3-Axis Gyro sensor providing movement data – trip, fall, possible unconsciousness stand-up, sit-down, lean over, pedometer count, shaking, shivering

  • BLE4+ low emissions Bluetooth for connectivity

  • Auto-pairs with Gardian EMS Event App

  • Only works within the event Geofence

  • Battery performance of 5-7 days working time and 15-20 days in standby mode

The Smart Wristband works alongside the Event App. It can be rented, or purchased outright and can be branded with your festival or event branding. Available in multiple colours.

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  • Core Patron medical vitals monitored continuously and fed to Control backend

  • COVID-19 proximity warnings and alerts presented to user – vibration as well as visual

  • Data collected for proximity time and distance – fed to Control database for data analysis and tracing post event

  • Stand-up alert and Face-mask notification provided via wristband and App to patron

  • Intelligent Location data provided to Control for data analysis and smart location features – warnings, alerts, offers, advertising, reminders, deliveries

  • Does not drain mobile phone battery

  • Device is waterproof

  • Available in 6 colours

  • Wristband can be branded

Image by Sergio Ruiz
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