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Charity Events

We are excited by the opportunity to establish a valued relationship with you for your next charity event.

At EMS Event Medical, we understand the work that goes into organising events while ensuring each one is run smoothly and safely.  We know that even with the greatest of care in the planning stage, accidents and medical events can happen.  EMS Event Medical offer you peace of mind in knowing, through experience, you have selected a team of professional, trained and accredited event medical staff to be onsite to care for your attendees. 


We can supply qualified AHPRA Registered Paramedics, Event Medics, and a range of medications and equipment for your event.


EMS has supplied Paramedics, Nurses, EMTs, Students and Medical Support.


We are also proud to support the following organisations, where we have provided our services at no cost:  Sydney Homeless Connect – Town Hall, CEO Winter Sleepout, OZ Harvest Cook Off, Choosing Hope Walk, Walk for William, and Furry Fun Day.

McGrath Foundation Pink Seat
Serving Food
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