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  • Can a Covid Marshal / Supervisor be a unit medic as well?
    No, Covid Marshal / Supervisor is a dedicated role. They cannot maintain vigilance throughout your day if they are treating an artiste at unit base or standing by for a stunt.
  • Can our EMS Medic carry out health screening or does it have to be done by a Covid Marshal / Supervisor?
    All of our medics are being specifically trained in covid awareness and can carry out health screening if required - but after that their priority is healthcare - as it always has been.
  • Will a Covid Marshal / Supervisor advise us what measures we need to be taken to film safely?
    Of course your Covid Marshal / Supervisor will be well informed and will be able to offer some advice on set - but planning for a return to work should be done well before crews turn up for work.
  • Can EMS Event Medical advise us on how to film safely?
    We have been offering professional advice and guidance to our clients for 25 years and nothing has changed now! However, we do not currently provide health & safety services and cannot provide formal documentation or consultancy services of the kind that you may need to properly consider all the implications of returning to work during a pandemic. We have a network of experience safety officers, managers and consultants that may be of assistance to you.
  • Can EMS conduct Rapid antigen Testing?
    We are pleased to announce that we are working with one of the leading independent pathology services to provide both swab tests and antibody tests. The rapid antigen tests are fast becoming the standard in the industry for fast turn around to keep your event open and safe. These are not the unregulated, unreliable tests that have been swamping the market at present, but the same tests with the same pathology analysis that are approved for, and used in, Health. Drop us a line or call if you require this assistance.
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