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The leading provider of event medical services since 1990.

EMS Event Medical

It's time to experience more.


Leading the field in event medicine for over 30 years

Representing decades of clinical, field, and logistical experience, our team can provide you with the best event medical services. Operating with a full scope of practice and a TGA Authority to administer medications EMS can cater for all your event needs.

Our teams are made up of Australia's leading Paramedics, Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians, Logistics teams, Medical Support teams and Doctors.  Our Specialist Event Medical Teams use State-of-the-Art Equipment and are trained to use Gardian EMS, a world first proactive and preventive medical assistance solution, provided in conjunction with our sister company Gardian EMS.


Specialising in corporate events, sports events, film and TV, concerts, festivals and special occasions, EMS can supply Mobile Medical Centres and Private Ambulances.


No event is too big or small.


We can offer our services across Australia.

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Rapid Antigen Testing.   Results in 15 minutes.


Specialist event medical for your next event.



Get state of the art medical control at your next event.




Mass gathering medicine, also known as event medicine, crowd medicine or mass gathering health, is a field of medicine that explores the health effects/risks of mass gatherings and the strategies that contribute positively to effective health services delivery during these events.

The reason for the development of the field of medicine gives the fact that mass gatherings generate a higher incidence of injury and illness, may be the subject to excessive use of drugs and alcohol, a catastrophic accident or attack with large numbers of injured or dead persons.

Mass Gathering Medicine is viewed as a niche field of prehospital care in emergency medicine across the world.

Among factors influencing on the demand for the health care at mass gatherings are:

  • the weather,

  • duration of the event,

  • if the crowd moves,

  • containment of the event (fenced/contained or not),

  • availability of alcohol/drugs,

  • the density of the crowd et al.,

  • possibility for spreading of communicable diseases 


Key purposes of Mass Gathering Medical Services at an event are:

  • rapid access to the injured or ill patients,

  • effective stabilising and transporting injured or ill patients,

  • on-site care for minor injuries and illnesses

Mass gathering medicine support requires extensive planning in advance.

As the acknowledgement of growth in the area of Mass Gathering Medicine in Australia, there is a need for consistency in the research and evaluation of mass gathering events.


This is important because mass gatherings may impact on local health services and having a collective understanding of the impact of mass gatherings on local health services may mitigate any poor outcomes for patients.

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EMS Event Medical

Our services include supplying Emergency Doctors, Specialist Paramedics and Nurses - (Our Paramedics and Nurses Hold Tertiary Qualifications and are registered Health Professionals).

Our event medical services set-up for festivals and concerts often resembles that of a field hospital.


​Our teams are at the frontline during the current Covid19 Pandemic, conducting screening and medical services across the state.

Gardian EMS

GARDIAN EMS is a state-of-the-art proactive and preventive medical assistance solution that can detect if medical intervention is required, often before the person is even aware of it themselves.

Incorporating mobile apps, AI based medical intervention software, smart wristbands, paramedic workflow management, and treatment tools. Let Gardian tap you on the shoulder when it's time to get some help.

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Drive-through Coronavirus Testing

Rapid Screening and Health Monitoring Supervisors

Get your business back on its feet with our onsite rapid screening providing results within 20 minutes. Our supervisors can help with managing your Event Health safe plans.

Our EMS Health Monitoring Services include temperature screening with Infra Red Guns, Tympanic or Thermal Imaging Cameras. Rapid Antigen testing, Saliva Testing available soon

Education Services

EMS Event Medical offers on the job training for clinical placements or clinical hours for Students.  RTO #40833

Filming Location

Film & Television Medical Support

On-set stunt work, lighting, and rigging are usually
accompanied by on-site medical services.

When casting for this role, EMS is ready for its
closeup. We provide medical care and technical
consulting in front of the camera and behind the

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EMS Aquatic Rescue Services

The EMS Aquatic Rescue Team is trained to peak-performance levels for water rescue.


This technical team is best known for its ability to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies on rivers, lakes and canals, while promoting safe practices and enjoyment of the city's waterways.

Time is critical. Water can quickly drain the energy from a swimmer or overturned boater. Muscles contract, lungs gasp from the shock, and hypothermia causes a victim to lose the ability to focus and stay calm. Continued immersion leads to overwhelming weakness and eventual drowning.

This specialist team provide medical care at events including power boat racing, swimming events and water skiing, as well as any event that may be water related - Our services have includes  Vanuatu International Open Water Swim, Survivor, Redbull Cape Fear live Stream, RedBull Fluggtag, Australian Ninja Warrior contestant heats, Wollongong Surf Life Saving, RedBull Cliff Diving, Redbull Foam Wreckers, Vivid Sydney Festival, NSW Surf Life Saving Events, Sail GP.

EMS are the current preferred supplier for RedBull Australia

Available for Film & TV, Water Sports, Water Rescue events


Training for Aquatic rescue courses available through Wollongong First Aid or EMS Education & Training.

Who We Work With

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If one of our valued attendees were the subject of a medical misadventure, we cannot afford to wait 20-40 minutes for an ambulance, nor can we afford to have them treated by unqualified people.


Russell Herd


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